The other day I thought 'hey, I fancy a burrito', and so Amy & I (mostly Amy) set about making this happen. I've drastically cut back on cooking meat at home [read: I never, ever do] and so here lies a step by step guide on how to make healthy (?) open burritos, as practiced by Amy and remembered by me. 

First of all, you're going to need ingredients. The things we used are: 

Whole grain rice 
Black beans - we got ours in a tin for £0.90 in Wholefoods and it lasted for 4 burritos
Corn tortillas 
Falafel - we just had some own-brand frozen ones, I think they were from Waitrose
A couple of tomatoes 
A small red onion 
An avocado, or ready made guacamole. 
Cheese (optional but v good) 
Chipotle Sauce (also optional but v good) - ours is from Wholefoods 

Start by turning on your oven and pre-heating according to your falafel's specific instructions. It's probs 200 or something along those lines. 

Then rinse your rice in cold water while your kettle boils, and proceed to boil the rice. Put your beans on to warm through slowly in a pan. 

If you have pre-prepared guacamole, then you probably won't be cutting an avocado. But if you're creating your own guac then chop up your avocado. My friend Ella showed me a cool method of doing this, but if you don't already know then here's a tutorial

Then all you really need to do is dice your tomato and onion, grate your cheese and warm the tortillas. Now, let's have a look see. 

Between the rice and the beans might be a good place to put your cheese so it starts melting. This is a mistake I made. 

Squish your falafels with your thumbs for optimum stacking structural integrity. 

Then just proceed to pile it up pile it up like Rihanna but without the liquid. 

Here you can clearly see that I used pre-made guacamole the first time I made this. However, I also had these burritos the day after I took these photos as well, and made this symphony of avocatomatonion realness. They taste identical. 

And there you have it! Delicious dinner for v cheap and minimal cooking!