If you've not been living under a rock for the past few months, chances are that you've probably heard about the Sink The Pink Summer Ball at the Troxy. I mean come on, it's been in my Queer Calendar since it launched (though don't judge me on how behind I am with updating it!) 

This year's Summer Ball categories were Rio Nights and Paradise. Tbh I always feel a bit awkward when the idea of appropriating someone else's culture is involved, so dressing up to suit the category 'Paradise' suits me far more. 

Naturally, Amy & I decided to go full-on piss-all-over-your-Catholic-heritage and resumed our characters of The Serpent that Tempted Eve and Fallen Eve from The Bible. 

I did both of our makeup using an array of products, but notably LimeCrime lipsticks in Black Velvet and Serpentina

I made my costume (which sadly, you can't see in its entirety) out of a pair of white-person-toned-nude-illusion control shorts, tit-tape, hot-glue and ivy leaves. I'm hoping a photo of me pops up from somewhere so you can see it, cause my look really was 10/10 perfection. If I find any I'll update this. 

More photos that I took of myself and my pals are available on my Twitter - @sarahmoorexo. And I strongly recommend scrolling through the #sinkthepink and #sinkthepinksummerball hashtags on Instagram. Beautiful. 

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