When I bought my Camera (Nikon D5100), I bought two lenses with it. A telephoto lens and a 50mm lens. This was on my 21st birthday almost 3 years ago. My 50mm lens got lost shortly afterwards and I'd been yearning for it ever since. 

Recently I was unpacking things that had just been kept in suitcases from house-to-house (I've moved house 9 times in the 6 years I've lived in London) and finally I've done a huge purge. I am the sort of ridiculous person that has things like 'craft supplies bag' full of glitter paper, craft knives and watercolours and, as it happens, 50mm lenses. 

I'm over the moon because the 50mm takes BEAUTIFUL shots. Like these: 

This, of course, means that I'll soon be shooting video in 50mm as well which will make for beautiful moving image as well. I'm so excited I have a lump in my throat.