Amy & I have just moved house into a beautiful Queer Paradise with some of our friends and we've culled a load of the stuff we'd accumulated over the past few years and we're ready to start afresh. In the run up to Pay Day, I've been browsing the web looking for things that fit the bill of our niche desired aesthetic. 

I've been coveting the Selje Bedside Table for a while, since IKEA launched their Wireless charging range. The table including the wireless charging pads is £50, and when you think about how much a replacement iPhone charger is on its own, the table seems like even more of a bargain. It also does two at once, which is super handy. All the wood in our new room is dark, and so I didn't fancy white wood in the room at all. Instead, this table is made of metal, so I'm sold. 

There's a patch of our wooden floors that has a warm pipe underneath it right where a rug ought to go, and my cats at home always loved Sheepskin rugs so I figured this could be a sweet place for Ted to sit. The Tejn Faux Sheepskin Rug is only £10 so it's a good budget buy when you predict that your cat will love it more than you will. 

I'm always on the look out for beautiful crisp white bedding, and so the Alvine Stra (£35) set caught my eye. I'm also eyeing up the Indira Bedspread (£18) with crisp flat white sheets for when it's too hot for a duvet. 

H&M Home have some EXCELLENT marble going on, and I'm obsessed with it right now. There's a slab of marble at the base of our fireplace, so it's going to become a feature in our room. Our room is already very monochrome with hints of silver and blue, and so I'm carrying this through. 

I don't really like the look of cluttered spaced despite being quite a messy person, so I always end up with shoe boxes for 'misc' items that don't really have a home anywhere. I'm hoping that these marble cardboard boxes will fit nicely with the Ikea boxes I already have, and they're only £6.99 and £7.99 each. The ceramic tray is handy as it is multi-use as well as being lovely. 

The wire basket (£12.99) is something I'm considering for underneath the Ikea bedside table, to put books and things in, and the silver picture frame is going to go on the feature wall above the fireplace. 

I've been lusting after the Wilko Marble Self-Adhesive Film (£5) for ages, and I'm buying it with the intention of making my own Macbook Marble Skin. Let's see how that goes! This wire basket (£8) is also an option for under the bedside table, I haven't decided which I like best though the price tag of this one is slightly more appealing. In my Wilko shopping basket I've also got some cans of White Matt spray paint an some Metallic Silver spray paint for a box I've made. 

Sort is a shop I've only found recently and I can't wait to own both the Silver Dipped Cement Plant Pot (£12) and the Marbled Cement Plant Pot (£10) as well as the Silver Basket For Hanging Pots (£12). I'm swooning over the contrast of the dulled concrete grey with the silver and white. Beautiful.

My whitewashed, marbled and silver obsession is far from subsiding. Embrace it.