Hello, dearest people that have followed my social media happenings for the past 8 years.

Apparently I'm creating blogs left, right and centre these days. Feel free to check out Skank Kitchen, not that it's going to be any good but a girl can dream.

On this blog, I'll be giving true-to-life accounts of what's actually going on in my little world. I know that I've done the personal blogging thing before and had a lot of disappointment when I've decided to stop, so we'll see how it all goes now.

Currently I've got time on my hands for writing, hence having a sudden burst of creative energy and self-indulgence and deeming myself so important that I MUST tell the world all about myself and my life. I'm working for a Post-Production house in Soho Square called The Farm (yeah that's right, the beautiful green one with the lovely chandelier), and if you look in that window then you'll see me sitting there, probably doing this (as well as working, obv...).

Consider this my journal. Mostly because I can't be bothered to seek a specialist and I'm still scared of dying and leaving nothing behind. My next post will likely be a generic run-down of what's gone on since Graduating, since this is when the most interesting stuff has happened. These are the questions people ask me, so these are the answers I shall give. Then at least you'll be up to date, and you can come along with me.

Have fun.