Blast from the past.

So, the other day I stumbled across some incredibly awkward videos that I had published on YouTube back when I was going to make Vlogging my 'new thing' - needless to say, it didn't take off. It really just hit me just how much has changed over the past year, and these two videos are the two that made me realise most strongly.

I started the year off being incredibly determined to explore the gay scene in more depth, acknowledging my queerness and trying to find my place in the spectrum of sexuality and culture.

Give them a watch to get a gist of what I mean. (Really I just wanted to par-T).

My genuine naivety and enthusiasm for involvement in the lesbian and queer communities was evident from day one. As soon as I came out, I'd had a girlfriend for a year. I let that heal and was then on the road to meeting people again and causing all sorts of mischief. I remember getting a lot of questions and stuff on Tumblr about the things I was talking about on YouTube and it seemed that a lot of people were experiencing the same things that I was. I think the balance now is breaking baby lesbians into the London gay scene as gently and as well informed as possible. Really, I just didn't know where to go or what to do first. Hence, the internet. So, so much amazing and interesting stuff is happening, and everyone oughtta know about it. I've made my way from babylez to 10/10 Queerio, and I coudn't be happier about it. 

Maybe I'll post a 'year later' update video. We'll see. Watching these back has definitely made me miss my hair. And that blazer.