H D S - H I G H D E F I N I T I O N S H A D E

So, last night I hosted a Dragstravaganza Eleganza and of course, it was fabulous as ever. Being unbelievably poor meant that I didn't show my face at The Joiners for the screening of

 RuPaul's Drag Race Season 6, 

so I took it upon myself to gather up a few of my Queer Princesses and have them round my flat to gag on the eleganza.

As some of you already know, Drag Race is one of the key ingredients to my Queer cake, and falling in love with Sharon Needles a few years back was one of the first realisations I had to the sheer extent of my sexuality. I chat about this a bit in 

this post

. Even now I struggle to understand myself, but I guess I'm pretty lucky in that I've met a fair few individuals who relate to some degree. And we get together and drink gin and vino and eat popcorn and do each others make-up.

Anyway, all I wanted to ask was about Season 6. Who do you love already? Who do you hate?

What do you love about


? Has Drag Race changed your life? I am writing a post in the VERY near future about Drag Race, so all comments and thoughts are welcome.

Who am I rooting for?

Amy Terry



I also have come to the delicious realisation that I have a new song to live by:

I was obviously overjoyed to hear that Hi Fashion are actually Queer as well. Hooray!

Enjoy, kittens. XO