G L I T T E R A N T I C S 

W H A T ? N O T H I N G . 

Firstly, I moved from my ghastly house in Elephant and Castle back to Deptford, just around the corner from where I first lived when I moved to London two weeks after I turned 18. So much has changed, even the station has had a face lift. But I'm living with my three best friends and it couldn't be more blissful. 

The night I moved, I went to

Sink The Pink

which was undeniably one of the best nights of my entire life. So much glitter, so much fun. I wore heart shaped sequinned nipple pasties that were handmade by my friend Holly for a birthday present, so I'm sure she'll be proud of me for that one. My friend John and I are rather certain we're actually supposed to be together, but God put us in the wrong bodies. We're both gay, just have an affinity for each other. QUEER LIFE. Besides, his boyfriend is also someone I secretly fancied after clocking on the streets of New Cross and referring to as 'Coco Boy'. They're a ridiculously hot couple but unfortunately I don't have a picture of them together. You'll have to settle for these instead. 

I went to see


who, if you don't already know, are Detox, Willam and Vicky Vox and they are flawless, beautiful drag queens whom I love very much. Complete with a strip performance from Jessica Rabbit (a childhood fantasy come true), Mister Joe Black and Rubyyy Jones, it was a perfect evening. Obviously I got a bit excited and used my remaining polaroids but it was SO worth it. Sorry for the bad picture, I really need to buy a scanner. Oh well, I'm poor. 

Willam referred to Amy as a 'Peroxide Twink' and Detox came into the audience, forced my face straight into her boobs, then proceeded to touch my boobs, fanny and grab Amy's arse. It was perfect.

Fridays usually consist of Whip It in New Cross (now just a short walk from my house, HOOBLOODYRAY) or an inevitable house party featuring Crowns of Deptford by Hugh Woodward, a lot of kissing and a lot of Red stripe. 

Saturday night saw

Winter Pride

in the Old Tobacco Dock in Docklands. We ended up going pretty late due to pre-drinking but having VIP tickets, we skipped the queue. Inevitably, we spent about 30% in the VIP area (a little disappointing) and the rest of the time in the East Bloc room, because of Queer Problemz. Sweaty, topless gay men? What's not to like?! We also ended up bumping into the lovely Emily from Dattch, and getting a free taxi home from Uber. TA! 

I was poor before all of this happened, my entire life revolves around doing things on the cheap. Fake it till ya make it, etc, etc.

By the way, if you're wondering who the tall blonde girl with a face that looks like it was chiselled from marble or some shit is, that would be my lovely girlfriend,


. Without getting overly soppy and annoying, all I'll say is that she's an absolute joy, and makes me very happy indeed.

What? Nothing.

Stay tuned, gorgeous creatures. I'll be around.