Why I've vanished.

I've been asked why I'm being so absent, why I'm not as focused, why my presence is lacking. The only answer I've got is that I'm totally flailing right now. I've just moved house, I'm currently in the process of taking out legal action against my old landlords, my internship is due to finish soon and I don't have another job lined up, I've got about 50p to my name, you know how it goes. 

I know this is something I wrote about when I first started this blog, but I still can't get my head around how difficult life in your early twenties is. Why doesn't anyone prepare you for it? Nobody warns you that once you've graduated, you're under qualified for all the jobs you want, over qualified for the job you had before Uni. You can't get the jobs you want without gaining experience, you can't intern anywhere unless you've got rich parents. You couldn't have interned at Uni because you spent all your time studying, working to pay the rent, having fun and trying not to top yourself. You're pretty much just left in the deep end with no promise of a warming loan sitting happily in your bank account for all of 30 minutes until it is rinsed paying two and a half month's rent. So basically, you're left clutching at straws, trying not to let the water consume you, trying to make ends meet and trying to be happy. 

Of course, you probably all know that I'm a firm believer in Positive Mental Attitude, and while I'm sure it works, it only gets you so far. To summarise, there's a lot on my plate. I'm just taking things one day a time and taking it all as it comes. Plus I'm letting my nails grow. And I've started budgeting. Kind of. 

My life has been full of jaunts lately, and I'm about to put it all into a super fun post for you all to read. Aren't you excited?!

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