I'll be your London lesbian spirit guide


Truly, madly, deeply have no idea why I've been so terribly crap at posting lately, however at least I'm doing it now. Kinda. I'm kinda copping out because this blog post is in VIDEO FORMAT OMGZ. 

So I received a comment from 'anon' on my blog that said this:

So I have responded to said comment in this way: 

Excuse the lack of quality in the video, I had to film it on my iPad because my computer wasn't co-operating and I've lost my camera's memory card but NEVERMIND, all the info is still in there and it's actually better for me because then I can still pretend that I don't have a severe case of wrinkleforhead. 

Here are some links to some of the stuff I talk about:


Go to these events and venues and have yourself a gay old time.

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