Lately I've been crap at posting because my life has been somewhat uneventful. Being without a full-time, stable job has left me feeling totally defeated and like a giant waste of space and I've found it pretty hard to keep my head above water for the past few months. Luckily I've been surrounded with incredible people who've kept me going - big shout out to Amy, Rose, Char, Jo, John and my mum for this, I've have been lost without you.

Karma, luck, odds, everything has been against me in the job hunt. I managed to score an amazing internship opportunity after a two day interview process and battling about 500 other hopefuls and then about a week before I was due to start the opportunity was cancelled. That was fun. The position has since been re-offered to me however I found out the other day that I've FINALLY got a job and one that I'm super excited about for a lovely company in Farringdon. My job title has the word 'executive' in it which means I'm actually going to be serving 

on a daily basis. 

In other news, I celebrated my 10 monthiversary with this one.

I can't sing her praises enough. Thank you baby, for everything. I love you.

Anyway, here's to everything looking up, loving wholeheartedly, selflessly and with kindness and never, ever giving up. 

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