Apologies and an overhaul.

Hello everyone!

So lately I've been thinking a lot about my blog, its intention and execution, its content and my relationship with it. I've felt pretty uninspired by it lately and while I originally set it up as a sort of journal, sort of vice, sort of something to leave behind when I die, I've felt a huge disconnect with my blog and my life.

I've decided to begin to integrate the two a bit more. I've always been one for putting her life online, stemming from a desperate need for validation in the low-self-esteem-city I constantly lived in throughout my teens and a fear of floating through life with no real impact. I reckon that if I'm going to do it,  I need to go hard.

I won't be sporadically posting rants anymore. Instead you can expect posts on my life, lifestyle, beauty, fashion, home, LGBTQIA* events, other events, everything that combines life, luxe, fun and fabulousness.

My blog is going under a total overhaul while I work out how to make it not look like a pile o'crap.