London Dyke March


So this week has been ridiculously hectic but I wanted to quickly post about last weekend before this weekend starts - it's going to be a mad one!

Last weekend saw the London Dyke March on Saturday, and we all know how I feel about congregations of gay people and Soho Square. It was sweltering and the sun is brutal on pasty ghost skin so I made Amy slather Factor 50 all over my shoulders and we head on out to Hamilton Place. 

Obviously she had to smoke first

After battling a vile bout of TERFilitis we listened to the inspirational speeches and went on our merry way. Massive thanks to members of the LGBT Metropolitan Police for giving their time and energy into making sure the march happened safely and told the damn TERFs to shut their stinkin' pie holes. 

The lovely Robyn and Lauren of Elysion Events were there showing their support. 

The Editor of DIVA magazine, Jane Czyzselska and Heythropp's own Heather Doon were caught marching too!

Finally we finished marching in Soho Square, sat down and drank Prosecco cause trusty Tesco had it on offer. 

The thing about Dyke identity is that it really has no definition. I strongly identify as a dyke, despite criticism from people who don't fully grasp the sentiment behind the word. I really feel like it's an important thing to reassure people that it's ok not to fit to binary-anything, whether it's gender, sexuality, whatever and that your identity is really just a personal thing.

I'm gonna be a bad-ass queer-femme dyke and wear it like a fuckin' badge of honnahhhh.

Also bumped into my very beardy and beautiful friend Jacob, who did a really nice wonderful cover of Lana Del Rey's 'Shades of Cool'. Here it is! 

SO Saturday daytime was a tipsy and lovely success, and we were absolutely chuffed all day. So much so, that we spur-of-the-moment decided to ACTUALLY go to a night we'd be coveting for months but I really think I'm going to have to do a separate, NSFW blog post about it.