I hate festivals. I don't know why, I just hate everything about them. I hate camping, I hate having to piss in-between loads of tents because the portaloos are a million miles away. I hate being cold, I hate the rain, I hate 'lads', I hate festival-goers in general. It's just really not my thing.

The BST wasn't something I was remotely interested in because even though it was like £65 a ticket for a fair few pretty decent acts, I'd already seen Arcade Fire a few years ago so wasn't fussed about spending so much money. AND THEN I received a cheeky tip-off from one of my friends that tickets were online for £2.50, so obviously that made things a different story. Bought 4 tickets and Amy, Char and Twig and I were on our way. 

I almost, ALMOST didn't get in because I had my camera on me but after some sweet talking they couldn't resist the Sarah Moore charm and let me in. 

The weather was amazing and obv I was caked in factor 50. Char and Twig were perf, as can be seen here.

We arrived late cause people were at work and we were drinking in Covent Garden Market but just in time for Arcade Fire's set. Here's a picture of Amy being lovely as usual.

One of the most annoying things in the world are the group of neo-hipsters who were probably nice people before they found Urban Outfitters and felt the need to overcompensate and act 'cool' to match their new 'cool' image. Put it this way, a lot of annoying people wearing dodgy flower crowns and reflective wayfarers being wasted and laiey sitting on people's shoulders and pissing everyone off. 

Nevertheless, it was beautiful. Especially the confetti. Totes emosh.