July is wonderful already.

I could leave it at that, but I won’t. The point of blogging is to have a lasting hard copy of your memories, or something like that, isn’t it? I’ve been rubbish with my camera and not taken many fab pix but here’s a few from my Instagram. 

On a Sunday morning I wore a lace house-coat and ate Lindor for breakfast. Then I wore white and ate a slice of Angel Cake for lunch. I went shopping with the gang to help Char find an outfit for Royal Ascot, then went for a drink at the Job Centre which is tastelessly named but with charming intention. It’s round the corner from my house so convenient enough to run home from when getting caught in a storm, which happened later that evening. I bought this coat which I’ve fallen hopelessly in love with and have worn practically every day since. It’s super light, so perfect for summer evenings and it’s roomy enough to layer up. Bring on autumn, pleeease.

Job Centre Beer Garden. Jo took this. What a babe.

Tuesday I did a training course at Sitecore and its offices are in a gorgeous location and made me want to move to Tower Hill.

Wednesday was a fabulous day – I met the one and only Bianca Del Rio! She was a total sweetheart and I got to stroke her beard and give her a fab drag air kiss. She also told Amy she was funny. I can’t wait till the official images from her event at The Meth Lab at The Black Cap are released so I can shove ‘em on here. The lady herself, Meth, is seen here being totally candid dahling and there’s also a picture of me with Meth’s lipstick on my cheek because Amy and I were howling over ‘faces of meth’…

On Thursday night I met Amy’s dear friend Ameline as she was back in London from Paris for a couple of days with her divine friends. For some reason I didn’t Instagram any photos but I took this one of Ameline.

I’ve taken to wearing no eye makeup. I’ve also been growing my nails. Here they are coated in Nails Inc’s Bruton Mews. On Saturday Hayley and I went shopping and then met the gang for a drink when Twig finished work. I wear head-to-toe black all year round and did my best to avoid the ants  - I re-grammed this from Jo.

Sunday saw iced latte's, the Virginia Woolf Exhibition and dinner with the gang. 

Last night Hayley and I gave Twig a haircut. It was long overdue.

This week at work my boss is away so I guess my unofficial job title is now ‘Digital and Social Media Executive and Acting Head of Marketing and Communications’. Party.

It’s Amy’s birthday on Monday but we’re celebrating this weekend so we get plenty of time together. If you love her and wanna celebrate with us, come to Soho Square on Sunday and bring booze!

I can’t really say what my plans are for the rest of the month as a lot of it is a surprise for Amy’s birthday and our anniversary on the 28th  (ONE WHOLE YEAR!!!) but I’m sure you’ll hear about it soon enough. 

SO yeah, I think that's about my life in a nutshell right now. A lot of drinking, a lot of food, a lot friends, a lot of love, a lot of happiness.