One of my anniversary gifts from Amy was this Kimono which you'll see me photographed in from now until the end of time because it's PERFECT.

Lately I've been stuck in a rut with my hair and my face, mostly prompted by getting a shit hair cut by a woman who turned me into a member of Hanson with a hundred layers all over the place rather than the super-chic 'all one length' thing I asked her for, but ho hum, there's nothing that can be done.

Also having monstrous effects on my self esteem is this vile, incessant heat. Is there anything that can make a person grumpier than having a shiny face and red-raw thighs? I think not. Thank god for Lanacane. 

It doesn't help either that my powder smashed, and that I lost Amy's (brand new </3) Mac powder at Out On the Dock on Saturday - sorry babes. I'd recently been experimenting with a new CC cream that I HATED (don't even bother, it's the GOSH illuminating one. It's crap.) and so that was basically the cherry on top of rubbish face feelings.

Anyway, this kimono made me feel a lot better. It's important to celebrate feeling better, so I took a selfie. Hurrah.

Tomorrow I get out of London for the first time in FOREVER. I can barely remember the last time I left London to go somewhere that wasn't my parents' house. I'm sure it was probably a year or more ago. I've booked Amy and I a Brighton city break as an anniversary present and I couldn't be more excited, and this couldn't have come at a better time. I've never been so I'm fuckin' ecstatic.

Bring on the fish and chips.