Hello everyone! 

 Right, so I know that I don't usually post things like this but I thought it could be fun so here goes. 

 This is one of my fsvourite posts to see on other people's blogs, I just find them so interesting. I've got such a fascination with people and I think this is totally reflected in their bags. 

First up, the


itself. I usually only wear vintage bags but recently I've been finding myself needing to carry more things around than usual (not reflected in this image!) so I've been looking for something affordable but that doesn't look cheap. This one I picked up in Primark for about £8, it's enough to fit in a big make-up bag, a Nikon DSLR and a 750cl bottle of water which is all I need. 

My makeup bag is from American Apparel and was a hand-me-down from my lovely friend Tavienne. She donated this and a large pink leather pouch to me and I use them both endlessly. It's big enough to fit in the essentials but it does mean that I basically use it as my main bag and end up taking things around with me that one might not necessarily need on an every day basis... eyelash glue and glitter...

I bought my wallet about 18 months ago while I was working at AllSaints (50% off woooo). I'm a sucker for anything embellished and this is a really good size for me cause I'm not a huge fan of massive wallets. 

I use my iPad every day for work as my new job is within Digital and Social Media - I run all the company apps through my iPad so when I'm at events I don't waste my phone's battery. I got it my birthday last year and couldn't live without it now!  

Obviously things like suncreampainkillersantihistamineschewing gumglasses, a spare scrunchie and an inhaler are summertime work-bag essentials, so there's no need to explain those at all. Even though I don't smoke I tend to keep a lighter in my bag so I can be useful to smokers since both my girlfriend and all my friends smoke. 

I've recently just started using Soap and Glory products after reading lots about them on other people's blogs and I'm always looking for nice hand sanitizer that doesn't smell vile. Pretty impressed with this one, and I quite like the handcream as well. The smell is a bit strong and sweet but it'll do for now. 

The La Roche Posay SPF 50 Dry-Touch Gel Cream is a pale girl's lifesaver, it's the only thing that stops my face burning in the summer. As with all La Roche Posay products, this is hypoallergenic. This is EXTREMELY important for me, as I've got a myriad of skin conditions and problems with my face. I'll probably do a post on my skin story at some point cause I'm always looking out for people's advice on how to treat the conditions and problems I have. This cream is shine free which is incredibly important, and doesn't leave white marks. Perf. 

There are four different lip products in this bag, and that's just loose in there. I know for certain that there are three more lipsticks inside the make-up bag. Probably a bit excessive... 

1) Rosebud Salve is one of my most reused beauty items ever. I use it on everything from my lips to patches of dry skin to heal tissue rubbed noses and to soften cuticles - it's ridiculously versatile and generally just a great product. I'm not a huge fan on Vaseline cause I find it makes my lips dependant on it, but this doesn't do that. 

2) MAC Viva Glam - an absolute staple for me 

3) Sleek in Barely There - I wish this suited me more than it actually does

4) Revlon Colourburst Matte Balm in 205 Elusive - I'm not much of a pinky lip wearer, my lipstick choices are usually a lot darker and much more bold. I've recently been looking for more wearable lipsticks for the office and this is a lovely soft colour which isn't too far off my natural lip colour. Makes your lips feel lovely too! 

The little post card in here is the voucher that Leon Restaurants sent me for a free meal - still need to redeem it! 

What's in your bag?

XO Sarah