The past two weekends have been absorbed by birthday celebrations and have made it one I'll never forget. 

On the 16th my parents came to visit me in London from Leicester and they met Amy for the first time. After a bomb scare at my parent's hotel and a day on the Southbank, being tourists and daytime drinking, we went to see 1984 (Amy's writing a review on this - I'll direct you all there no doubt). 

The following day was spent at the Tate and having afternoon tea at St. Ermin's Hotel in Westminster. Absolutely lush. 

Took a selfie in the bog cause I'm a classy babe. 

After my darling parents left Amy and I went to Soho Theatre, drank a bottle of Malbec and pondered the prospect of writing for Beige Mag. Sigh.

Later, Amy gave me an early birthday present of a beautiful necklace by Oh My Clumsy Heart. Sophie handmakes every piece she sells and is an absolute sweetheart so definitely check out her work. The top necklace in this photo is OMCH. The bottom one is a St. Benedict Medal, but that's by the by.

My week was spent cramming A LOT of work into five days because my job is unbelievably hectic, though I was pretty smug to have a birthday bank holiday weekend to celebrate at the end of it all. 

On Friday my mum sent me Red Velvet Cupcakes cause she's the absolute best.

Saturday was spent being a birthday princess. 

Amy took me to the new Flat Iron in Denmark Street cause when you're a birthday princess you eat birthday steak.

In the evening we went to FIERCE FEMMES at The Black Cap in Camden. I've written a review on it for Rarely Wears Lipstick so as soon as it's live I'll point you to where you can read allllllll about it.

Heels: Vivienne Westwood

Dress: American Apparel

Lipstick: Lime Crime

On Sunday I spent the entire day in bed, understandably. Monday was my actual birthday and it couldn't have been more perfect. 

I'm such a sucker for London's grey skies and rainy days and there's nothing better to do than walk around getting the bottom of your coat wet and feeling it soak through your tights. 

We went for brunch at The London Particular in New Cross before walking to Greenwich. We walked along the river to the Queen's House and went to my favourite room in the whole of London, the Painted Hall. We then went for coffee in the Pavilion in the Observatory and then Amy and I went to see Sin City 2 at the Picturehouse. 

Honestly, divine.

I feel truly humbled by the number of people that have changed my life this year, that have made my birthday spectacular, that have treated me so nicely, as honest and lovely people should. I feel truly privileged to know the people I know, I'm so, so lucky. Thank you all for being so wonderful, so present in my life. I adore you all. 

This has been an incredibly long post so I'm going to wrap it up now.

Birthdays are exhausting but now I'm 23.

Nobody likes you.