I'd never been to Brighton except to fleetingly visit the Uni with my Dad. As it transpires, I think it's the most wonderful place ever. I can totally see myself being 40 and walking along the beach in the winter with a dog. 

We arrived in Brighton around noon and dropped our bags off, went to explore the Laines and came back to check-in to our room at The Oriental. For anyone looking for a lovely boutique hotel in Brighton, this place is highly recommended. We briefly mentioned when we dropped off our bags (over complimentary coffee and cake, of course) that it was our anniversary and they surprised us by offering us breakfasst in bed for free. The staff were all absolute sweethearts, recommending the best restaurants and bars and generally just being lovely. 

I hardly took any photos the entire first day because I was too busy being enthralled. I bought this cape in a vintage shop and it's from somewhere between 1920-1930. It's divine. 

 We drank A LOT of champagne and went for dinner in Kemptown. 

After dinner a midnight stroll along the beach was definitely needed.

Breakfast in bed and all the rest and the next morning we headed to the Brighton Wheel, the pier and beach. It was grey and I was happy.

Photobomb troll.

Later, we went for cocktails at The Mesmerist before dinner at 64 Degrees - absolutely and utterly divine, they're opening one in Pimlico soon and you can bet ur titz I'll be there often. 

I took lots of photos on my Instax and also on Amy's phone and we had a disposable. No idea how any of them will come out but expect a Brighton Pt II update at some point. 

Right now I'm suffering a severe case of Post-Brighton Blues. We couldn't find another hotel to stay an extra night so we're not there celebrating Pride, but we're definitely going next year. Who knows, maybe we'll even be living there by then. I'm spending the day googling flats and puppies.