I'm so behind on blogging because I've been ridiculously busy (I know, I know, this is becoming a sore excuse) but every weekend in the recent past and foreseeable future is occupied with larks of one variety or another and my weeks are full of work and catch-ups so I'm just updating this as and when I can.

This post is devoted to the birthday celebration of my bestest pal, Twig. It's become a sort of tradition for the past few years to visit her family home in Kent for her birthday, and so this year we followed suit. I didn't take many pictures but during our time there we went to Life, which is essentially someone's front room with lazers and a smoke machine which they charge £5 to get into and stop playing a song as soon as it starts getting good. Char recorded some FUCKING HILARIOUS video blogs of the evening. Here's a selection of short clips:

The following day we drove (I sat in the front cause I'm a child and get car sick) to Ramsgate to see our lovely friend Vana who works at Electric Buddha with her boyfriend Dave. We visited the beach there and it was probably the windiest place I've ever been.

I had one of those existential moments where you're a bit cold and have bare skin and you can feel everything so intensely and you put your arms in the air and the wind lashes your skin and makes you humbled.


Twig and Hayley were precious as usual.


 Girl gang.

 Hayley wrote this while I had a piss.

 Here is where I marked my territory.

 We then drove from Ramsgate to Whitstable and had fish and chips on the sea.

Returning to London after being at the sea is always hard. I don't know how I've managed to develop such a fondness for it when I've feared it for so long.

Might not dwell on it for too long. I'll just look at it forever.