Femmenism Sarah Moore Beauty Makeup Ginger
Femmenism Sarah Moore Beauty Makeup Ginger

The looming Autumn has got everyone all in a fluster about how to change their look to be a bit warmer and darker. Those of you who know me will know that the winter months won't change my look one iota, because my look never adapts itself to summer. I just don't like it. I wear all the same clothes but without a coat or a pair of tights. The Autumn is my absolute favourite season, so expect posts on Autumnal fashion picks!

This Autumn is all about russet tresses and messy but blunt bobs. You're all welcome. 

I never, ever reveal my hair secrets because it's taken me SUCH a long time to get ginger hair that I'm happy with. I've been through every bottle of dye that you can buy on the high street and now I've come up with a combination of Permanent and Semi-Permanent Dyes from L'Oreal, Adore and Bleach London to get a look that's not too Rihanna circa 'Love The Way You Lie', not too Toyah Wilcox, and 10/10 fabulous. My hair cut is also pretty make-shift - my girlfriend shaves my undercut every few weeks and my friend cuts my ends for me. Done! 

Femmenism Sarah Moore Beauty Fashion Ginger
Femmenism Sarah Moore Beauty Fashion Ginger

Anyway, with the leaves soon to be changing with your hair, no doubt your makeup look will too. With my super pale, freckle flecked skin, dark lipsticks work wonders. I've got a collection of about 9 different lipsticks all in similar shades to this one, but this is a new addition and is top of my list already. This one is

Wicked by LimeCrime

. HEAVENLY. It goes on liquid, dries matte and is totally non-transferable. An absolute MUST in femme lesbianism. It does require oil based make-up remover to take it off, but you'll never want to take it off anyway. 

On my face I'm wearing my day-to-day, suitable for work combination of Sleek's CC Cream in 'Fair', MAC Studio Finish Concealer in NW15 and MAC Select Sheer Pressed Powder in NC5. I struggle to find foundation pale enough for me on the high street but this CC cream is absolutely perfect. I've always found it hard to find an eyebrow kit that works for ginger hair but I've found a great solution in the Sleek Face Form Contour Kit in 'Light'. The colour intended to be used for contouring is PERFECT for filling in my brows. I often wet the brush I'm about to use for a stronger, more evening worthy look. 

I occasionally sweep Bobbi Brown eyeshadow in Grey around my eye and finish with some mascara or another. To be honest, I find them all much the same. This one is Wonder'full by Rimmel and it's supposed to be fantastic cause it contains Argan Oil, which I swear by for my hair. I've yet to really notice whether it's any good or not on my eyes. Finally I sometimes steal MAC Prism from my girlfriend to use on my cheeks and finish my cheekbones with the highlighter in the Sleek Contour Kit. 

I always look tired, no matter what, so I've just started working with it in my general aesthetic now. Sometimes I'll wear no eye makeup and no concealer and just look horrif on purpose. It's a strong look.