In my job, I'm lucky enough to learn the ins and outs of the jewellery industry. I know who the best british designers are, I know who's up and coming. I've become utterly obsessed with all things shiny, as if I weren't enough already. Everybody knows I'm a magpie. Regardless, I'd never been overly obsessed with jewellery. I'd never swooned into the Rose Gold Michael Kors tinted reflection on my wrist, ticking away. I couldn't care less about Fossil, or Pandora (P), Links of London, or even Tiffany (Cartier on the other hand...). Hm. While the luxe designs of Annoushka, Stephen Webster and Astley Clarke get my heart racing, the price tag puts me off. Hell to the no. In short, generally disappointed and aghast that people have that sort of disposable income.

Did nobody get the memo that with style rarely comes affluence? 

And then came V Jewellery. 

I fell in love with V Jewellery at the Jewellery and Watch show at Saatchi earlier this year. I was skulking around the place looking for things that inspired me even slightly, turned a corner and there they were, in all their glory. Their modest, understated, classical glory. Aesthetically minimalistic and totally marvellous, they are my new favourite thing. Juxtaposing the raw antique reference within their design with clean, quality execution, it is a match made in heaven. Scandinavian androgyne influence is apparent in their styling, which is something I can fully get on board with. 

I bought my Deco Streamline Bracelet (pictured) from them at International Jewellery London, during which time Laura Vann, Creative Director of V Jewellery was named one of Professional Jeweller's Hot 100. Her talent is clear, bursting with each stone set, each glisten. Laura and her team, notably her father and Amar, are absolute sweethearts, and I must thank them for my flushed cheeks and clammy palms every time I see them - not sure I'll ever properly get the hang of talking to pretty, cool people that aren't already my friends. As a side note, they're from the Midlands, so that's 10/10.  

My growing wishlist from their collection has lead my entirely natural flourish into an all-consuming, endless fixation with jewellery in every way, shape and form. Tastefully, of course. 

I wouldn't change a thing. They've nailed branding, they've nailed design and adding Fortnum and Mason to their list of stockists is another well deserved step up the ladder.

I could pour superfluously all evening but instead, I'll start saving for piece number two. (Amy, if you're reading this, Christmas is coming up. Hint hint.)

You can keep your P, I'll take the V any day*.


*I wonder if I'll ever be able to write a blog post without making a lesbian joke...