Noodles and hair cuts seem an unlikely pairing, but in the arches in Cambridge Heath, they're perfectly regular.

HURWUNDEKI is, quite simply, a café, a Korean Restaurant and a Hair salon all rolled into one. Rumour has it that the guy who set it up is very good at cutting hair, and very good at cooking so it really seems quite natural to blend the two. Though let's avoid hair in the food, yeah?

When I told my work colleagues that I'd had my hair cut in a restaurant-cum-salon there were a few bewildered looks and several upturned noses. It was only when I explained it to them and showed them their website and social media that they started to understand. It seems their hipster charm can work wonders on the reluctant.

(Image taken from their Instagram)

So, on Saturday I met my lovely friends Ella and Pat there, and we had a food and hair cut party. The 15 minute salon is super easy to find - straight out of Cambridge Heath Station, a stone's throw to the right and you're there. The 30 minute salon is straight over the road, for more complex hair plans.

Its shipping container base is divided in two, one half restaurant, one half salon. The place was awash with of Yummy Mummy types and people who once would be considered hipsters but now they're a bit older so they're just East London cool people wearing stripes with short fringes while building geometric designs on their Macbooks and generally making me a little jealous. There were a few cute babies to gawk at, so I was far from complaining. First off, I ordered a Flat White while I waited. Coffee gorgeous. Yum. 

A lovely girl took my order and I sat outside to wait for (aca)Pella (this is my new nickname for Pat and Ella. I just made it up, right this second). Once we had sufficiently embraced each other, we headed inside and put our names on the hair cut waiting list. The way it works is boys write their name on the chalkboard in blue, and girls write their name in pink (hmmtheremustbeagoodreasonforthisihope?) and then you just sit and wait while REALLY good music is playing (I about pissed myself when I heard Until We Bleed by Kleerup and Lykke Li - an anthem of my late teens) and then you're called up. Boys hair cuts cost £9 and girls cost £14.  We waited for about 10 minutes and I was the first up.


Ella took a photo of me having my locks lopped

The lady who cut my hair was a total sweetheart with an eye tattooed on her hand which we chatted about for a while. She gave me one of the best haircuts of my life in approximately 7 minutes. Impressive.

After we were all suitably preened and looking slicker than the average, we settled down to grab some munch.

This was really something major. I ordered spicy chicken vermicelli noodles and it was just SO good. Also had chicken dumplings but they were gone before I got the chance to take a photo. Guzzle guzzle.

Post hair cut slick-ness and the happiest faces ever.

Ella took this!

And this!

I really can't recommend the place enough. The food is utterly delicious and the hair cuts were fabulous. I know I'd rather spend an afternoon filling up on authentic Korean food and getting myself preened for a grand total of £20 ALL IN than going to a salon and paying through the roof to be preened by pretentious stylists who think they know better. I don't think I'll ever forgive the lady I went to recently for giving me layers when I specifically asked her not to. It doesn't matter now though cause look how fab my new hair is!

HURWUNDEKI is my new favourite and I won't be going anywhere else again.

Chopsticks and hair chops are, as it transpires, a match made in heaven.