My blog turns one today! 

October 7th is a really noteworthy day for me for one, glaring reason. This week every year I always have a horrible, horrible time. My mental health goes right down the pan which, as I'm sure you'll have guessed when reading my earliest posts, is why I started blogging again to begin with. This was therapy for me, god knows why. 

While I wouldn't consider it anything of the sort anymore, I'm still rather glad to have it there. I don't feel any responsibility for this, which is even better. I worry that one day it'll stop being a positive thing for me and I'll delete it like so many in the past. Anyone else remember the original That was my most favourite blog but my fucked up life at that point made me sick so I didn't want any trace of it anymore. 


Amy's just moved to her own little flat in Stoke Newington so we're thinking about bringing back Skank Kitchen after almost a year of inactivity. A pack of knives arrived in the post today so I think it's a sign. Pretty soon we'll actually have furniture so that'll be a plus! 

Last weekend I went to see Oh My Cabaret which was absolutely fabulous. I couldn't let the performers have all the fun though. 

On the Saturday evening I met Amy at the airport after her holiday in Florence and then visited her home in Southampton for the first time. Her mum has accidentally adopted a kitty. 

On Friday we were supposed to see FKA Twigs in Birmingham but clever me lost the tickets so we ended up in New Cross having a burger outside Chinwag. A perfectly acceptable alternative. The remainder of this weekend was spent sourcing furniture and having a roast at this cute place between Dalston and Hackney called Hand of Glory. The staff were lovely and so was the food. All smiles. 

So today I'm back at work contemplating how different I feel this year to last. How much happier I am than I've ever been before. Remembering how this day four years ago was the worst day of my life so far, and how much has changed since then. When you're well, it's actually pretty hard to remember how it feels to be bad. I'm not complaining at all. It's like a weight has been lifted.

Over the past year I've let go of things that have made me unwell for a long time. I made an active effort to overhaul my life and now I'm in a job I love with a life I love, full of friends and family and culture and experience. I know that most of my close friends don't read my blog, but I constantly want to thank Mum, Jo, Twig, Char and most importantly, Amy, for keeping my head above water. I love you. I'm forever indebted to you.

Here's to another happy, healthy year.