Imagine the most beautiful ring you've ever seen.

Imagine wearing it, styling it, showing it off to everyone you know.

Now imagine its price tag (you have my permission to blot your forehead and prevent the finance related anxiety sweats from rearing its ugly head.)

Imagine a world where exquisitely designed jewellery is actually affordable. We're talking precious metal, semi-previous stone bizz not throwaway Freedom rubbish that'll tarnish your name as well as its surface.

This elusive combination of affordability, substance and style exists in the form of V Jewellery. A gap in the market, filled!

Chrysler Ring & Sword Ring by V Jewellery. Nail Varnish is Suede Grey by Revlon.

A lot of you will know I'm already a huge fan, having sung their praises in this blog post about the Deco Streamline Bracelet. But here, we are celebrating the Sword Ring and the Chrysler Ring in all their sheer, pointed beauty.

 A modern perspective on vintage design, clean lines and strong shapes for the woman of tradition, strength and modernity. Perfection.

Boosted in popularity by bloggers such as Rosie Fortescue, celebrities such as FKA Twigs (praise be to the Goddess herself) and elusive mood boards like Pho London's Instagram Page, V's reputation is on the rise and will soon be competing in height to the Chrysler building the ring's design was inspired by.

You can find your local stockist, the list of which includes exclusive boutiques and Fortnum & Mason on their website.

V Jewellery was made for me and the Spine Ring is next on my list.

(Christmas is coming up, hint hint!)