Is anyone else out there a compulsive face chewer? 

Anxiety has spent too long getting the best of me, and while I'm sure I'm doing my best to nip it in the bud, it always rears its irritating little head in some way or another.

I can remember being a kid, having a rehearsal for a dance show and having my dance teacher tell me off for biting me cheeks. She'd always catch my eye and emulate the hamster-reminiscent faces I'd be doing to remind me to stop. Now I'm an adult, the issue has only worsened, and I feel it's gotten even worse so be I stopped biting my nails. 

Living with anxiety has manifested in many ways. Some of these were obsessively picking and biting my nails, skin, eyelashes, lips and cheeks. Now I've stopped biting my nails (purely for vanity sake) I seem to wake up from concentration-fuelled zone-out to find that I've got a mouth full of blood or my skin is inflamed (see image) and burning or all my mascara is gone. Even writing this post I have to remind myself to un-clench my jaw.

I've spoken about my skin and its sensitivity before

 and I've found that it's totally worsened by the fact that I actually have nails now; I'm always scratching my neck or shoulders or chest without realising until it hurts. It also doesn't help that I'm constantly itchy, so I think at some point psychologically I've connected the two and now they go hand-in-hand and make each other worse.  

Lately I've found that my temples have been absolutely killing me and I've been chewing my cheeks more than ever. It's weird because I don't feel stressed - not like I used to by a long stretch. I feel quite in control and hopeful so I'm surprised it's become such an issue recently. 

I used to take medicine for anxiety but the clever doctors either didn't realise or just didn't care that while my anxiety meds were beta-blockers, my asthma meds are beta-antagonists so while my tremors and twitches were waning, I couldn't breathe. Needless to say, I gave them up (and gave up all the other meds for that sort of stuff, too). 

I wonder if anyone else can relate to the situation I'm in, and if anyone knows any instant tension relief techniques so I can stop eating myself alive and stop my jaw from constantly,



Help a sister ouuuutttt.