I've always been freaked out by my own face.

My childhood years were spent looking like a scabby Cabbage Patch Kid and my teens were spent looking like a Sea Urchin (!?!).

covagurl put da bass in ur crawl

Sarah vs. Cabbage Patch Kid


I know this to be true, because a boy in Lanzarote told me so, and we all know that white boys from middle class families are the be-all and end-all truth tellers of this century. Shout out to the boy that told me I needed Clearasil around that time, too! W00t w00t!

There aren't many pictures of me throughout my teens, especially my early teens, 'cause my face was so weird it made my eyes water when I saw it in photographs. My wonky smile meant that I rarely grinned and bared all, and I'd be really conscious at the fact that one of my eyes squinted more than the other. The acne didn't help, but that's neither here nor there. I had this theory that one side of my face looked like a different person to the other, one side was good, the other side was evil. Like people. This is still true, but I like it now. The scar in the middle of my forehead gets bigger as the years go by but I reckon it makes me look BADASS rather than give a shit. Like, yeah I fell off a step when I was a toddler, what of it? Rock'ard m8.

The more candles I count, the less I care about what other people find attractive. Over the years I've learnt to stop comparing myself to other people, and this has been one of the most liberating things ever. I've stopped feeling awkward in my own skin, I've stopped avoiding mirrors and stopped hating my face. I will never, ever look like anyone else, and nobody else will ever look like me.

And that's A M A Z I N G.

 I like what I like, and I'm happy with that. So basically, this post is about praising the face you've got, embracing the weird and always, always remembering

'If in doubt, freak 'em out'


Thank you Sharon.


I used to constantly worry about making my eyes appear bigger, as they're totally swallowed up by the size of my faux-silicone effect cheeks. In my late teens, this was when I hit the eyeliner


and didn't drop this till I was in my 20s. Nowadays, I'm not too nervous to leave the house without mascara on. In fact, I quite like the raised eye-brows and double-takes I get while hand-in-hand with my girlboyfriend.

Doing something even slightly unconventional feels good. It feels like me.

Have a lovely day, and be good to your self and your soul.