So, I really like Sleek. I don't react to any of their make-up, they do tones that really suit how pale I am and they're really reasonably priced. I like it.

The other day, I bought the

I-Divine Palette in Au Natural

 and I'm really super impressed with the pigment, the range of colours and how easy they are to use. I'd toyed with the idea of buying an Urban Decay Naked palette or splashing out on a MAC one but I figured there's no point spending unnecessary money on them.

This look is totes channelling Robert Palmer back-up dancers (the important people in the video) and was inspired by my day-to-day need to be fantastic and not feel shitty while building a bed frame.

My go-to foundation-type product is the

Sleek CC Cream in Fair

which is every so slightly too dark for me but blends to give my skin quite an even coverage. I'm not into thick foundation cause I'm freckly, so even in the winter I like to be able to see them. It also has SPF 29 included so as well as being creamy and moisturising, I also don't have to worry about SPF. Perf.

My eyes are a mixture of shades from the I-Divine palette. The only thing I've found so far for my ginger eyebrows is in the

Light Face Form Contour Kit

. I use an angled brush and the contour colour. If I'm going out or if I want a stronger brow, I'll wet the brush slightly and layer the moist powder with a dry one. It's a perfect colour for my brows but I'm constantly looking out for new brow stuff so if you can recommend ginger brow solutions, hit me up. As a contour colour, the brown shade is way way way off for me. I think I need a cooler colour. I actually really struggle to find one that works, but I recently wrote about a mineral Primark one that was pretty decent. Need to give it a proper chance, though.

I really like the highlighter in the Face Form palette, but I hate the blusher. Shimmery blushers don't work for me at all. My whole face needs to be matte apart from a glow on the cheek bones and under the eyebrows. I really wish they did these separately (or maybe they do?!).

I picked up this lipstick in Paks cause it was loads cheaper than in Superdrug, and it's

Matte Me in Rioja Red.

 It's a pretty decent dupe for

Limecrime Velventine Red Velvet

, but its staying power is no way near as good. It dries a nice red, but it comes off with your cuppa tea. Needs reapplying but is a nice matte finish. 

The top I'm wearing is the

Long Sleeve Rib Funnel Neck Top from Topshop.

Though I kind of resent paying for stuff at Topshop these days, I really like their basics. My entire wardrobe is full of basics as my style requires little else. I have the short sleeved cropped version of this, and it's divine. Plus I look extra fantastic when I wear it braless. #freethenipple.

Anyway, yeah. Sleek is basically the ruler of my face. Bye!