As Christmas Day draws to a close, I'm merry and exhausted and very very full. I miss my darling girl and my darling boy but I'm incredibly happy. 

My family are so wonderful, when I'm home in London it's easy to forget that feeling of home family life. Although it's a lot warmer there than it is here, my mum has spread a touch of festive joy everywhere. 

My bedroom:

The living room: 

The dining room: 


This morning we awoke with Bucks Fizz before present time. This year I'd actually had enough money to buy my parents real gifts and it was such a pleasure watching them open them.

My family know me so well that I was an utterly spoilt princess. 

Some of the things I got for Christmas I'll be writing blog posts about, so keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks! 

My Nan and Pops came over for dinner, and my mum excelled herself cooking once again. 

It's a Christmas tradition to battle with toy pea-shooters and play scratch cards at dinner. Last year we won £40 but this year there was only one winner, me, and only for £2. I'm going to buy another scratch card with it. Werrrkkkk!

I've eaten enough cheese tonight to actually turn into a wheel of cheese, and I've just finished watching Call The Midwife followed by Downton Abbey so I'm feeling pretty sensitive and incredibly sick.  

Mum's just put the lid on the Celebrations so it's time for me to sign off.

Goodnight, and Happy Christmas. 

Sarah XO