This Christmas has been such a dream so far. Teddy is obsessed with gift wrap and ribbon and boxes and plastic bags so you can imagine the fun we're having trying to wrap. 

On Tuesday Teddy & Amy are off to Southampton to spend Christmas with Amy's family while I'm off to spend it with mine. No idea how I'm going to cope without them, to be honest. I think FaceTime will come in handy more than ever. 

I'll probably be featuring our Christmas gifts in future posts so I won't go on and on about them now but needless to say, I've been utterly spoilt and I'm incredibly grateful. 

Teddy has made December and Chrsitmas in general more magical than I thought possible. He's grown so much already and is quite a character. I can't wait for everyone to come over and meet him properly! 

Right, I'll stop blabbing now. 

Count me the luckiest girl in the world. 

Sarah xo