My family know how to indulge my incessant need for glamour, brilliance and simplicity. Has there ever been a more perfect christmas gift than jewellery? 

This year, I was treated to two exquisite matching pieces which I couldn't help but squeal over when unwrapping. 'THIS IS A V JEWELLERY BOX!!!!!!'

That's right, you heard me, V Jewellery. You all know I'm a fan, I've written two blog posts on their exquisite ice in the past (onetwo), but I couldn't help writing once more. I mean, just bloody well look at them!

The Deco Chrysler Earrings and Pendant. The latest editions to my Deco themed jewellery collection.

I've found they go perfectly with a silk robe and French perfume. 

I'm back in London now and will be reuniting with Amy and Teddy tomorrow. We just found out that Teddy is a girl. No, we're not changing her name and yes, I will use whatever reference pronouns come to mind at the time to refer to her because gender is a social construct and who cares what genitals she has. 

Anyway, goodnight xo