It is December already! How quickly has this year gone?! I'm genuinely blown away by it, seems like yesterday that I made that terrible batch of Jam Tarts on Skank Kitchen.

When I lived at home, we'd put the Christmas tree up on December 1st. This year my lovely family came down to London from Leicester for a festive day of fun! After being ridiculously late (naturally), Amy & I met my darling mother, Aunty Nicki, Clare and Laura in central London.

Here's a fantastic picture of my mum being totes PFLAG Mom while walking across my favourite bridge.

After cruising the Christmas sections in Liberty and sampling the Pizza Express Christmas menu, we went to Harrods and then to Winter Wonderland! YAY.

Winter Wonderland has become a bit of a tradition for me, and I've been for the past four years. Even though last year was a bit shit, this year was lush. They've definitely stepped up the game this year.

I wonder where I get my resting look of disdain from?

Amy is a creep

My mum is lovely

Amy & I snuck off while the others went on rides and drank Mulled Wine with Fireball Whisky while watching a woman and her band who looked JUST LIKE Jessie Ware. I'm unprepared, boozeless and cashless every single bloody time I go. Remind me to take supplies next time.

Bring on Winterville!