So, for the past few months I'd become increasingly frustrated with myself, dissatisfied with what I was doing, what I'd been presenting to the world.

What's the point in being an internet darling if you're not even darling enough for yourself?

Recently I've been working on methods of becoming more satisfied with the work I produce, even on something so


(in the grand scheme of things) as


. Since upgrading my phone for better image quality and finding the perfect combination of photo-apps, I've upped my Insta-game tenfold and I'm actually mildly proud of the way my feed is looking.

All of this seems utterly irrelevant and probably bullshit for 99% of you but hey, I'm insane, I'm down with it. If it makes me less miserable then I couldn't care less. Besides, it's just


aesthetically pleasing.

Tomorrow I'm getting wifi installed at my flat so I'll actually be able to work from home. I've been blogging from my phone and it's just been so bloody difficult that I'm giving up on it. Even the draft posts I've got are probably going to be scrapped. I've been contemplating writing more about things that I care about, - topical issues, feminist issues, etc - on my blog rather than only jabbing in the odd 140 character point of view on


, but I'm not sure if I'll just be making this into a place to vent, like it was at the start, rather than a positive space. It might even just end with me putting too much pressure on myself, forcing an opinion that nobody would really want to read about.

Either way, I want 2015 to be a gentle and creative year. Let me know what you want to see. Let me know if you actually give a shit. Or not. Just, y'know, let me know.

Amy met some concrete stairs but don't worry, she wears bruises well.