I've found this post really difficult to write for one reason only - Sink The Pink can't be summarised. For the past year or so, Amy & I have been showing our faces at the Bethnal Green Working Men's Club and I've talked about it a little bit in previous posts.

Last weekend we went to the Sink The Pink Winter Ball at The Troxy. That's right, there are enough of us freaky fun queens to pack out an entire concert hall in the name of camp. While I rarely take photos while I'm at events, luckily the photographers do. I strongly suggest that you take a glimpse at this album.

I'm totally in love with club kids and yearn for the day that my look is as strong and bold as theirs.

Amy & I went with the 'Fire & Ice' theme in mind.

I'm pretty sure that there's still glitter in my hair. Amazing.

Massive shoutout to The Fabulous Josh for always being so sweet and to all the rest of the STP family. You've helped me find out who I am and gahd, love ya.

See ya soon.