The Familyyy Fierce: SLEEPING BEAUTYYY

So this Christmas, the Queer Performance Art Collective and drag and burlesque superstars known as the Familyyy Fierce (that's right, with three Y's!) came together to produce a pantomime of Sleeping Beautyyy. I was absolutely gutted that I couldn't attend, so when I heard that they were back by popular demand for two shows in January, I was quick to the mark with blagging myself tickets. So there I was, front row, hysterically laughing throughout the entire thing.

Directed by Holestar, the ever wonderful self-confessed 'Tranny with a Fanny' the show was bound to be great regardless.

Whomever wrote the script is a comical genius, with really clever dialogue and lyrics with jokes and snappy comments about gender roles here and there that us queers just found bloody well hilair. Well, Amy and I did at least. I mean really, check out the three fairies (Bourgeoisie, Ruby Wednesday and Maxi More) as they lead a 'Butch' life acting all straight and whatnot.

Rubyyy Jones proved her worth vocally, living up to reputation with a fab rendition of 'I'm Just A Girl Who Can't Say No' which is obviously an awkward song but pretty fitting for the role...

I strongly urge everyone I know to attend nights at The Black Cap and everything to do with the Familyyy Fierce. They're a wonderful bunch, always quick witted and fabulous, which you can read all about in

this post I wrote for Rarely Wears Lipstick


You're welcome, hunty.

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