For Christmas 2013, my Nan and Pops bought me an Instax camera. I've been slowly using it all year, but throughout 2014 I found myself eternally skint and so I couldn't afford to buy film for it. However, I made the most of a couple of packs that I had and so here's a little glimpse at a few of the photos I took (minus the NSFW ones). Amy got me a Moleskine and some Photo Corners for my birthday and I've only recently gotten around to putting them in it, but they're in now and all lovely and scanned so yay! 

Amy is a really gifted photographer and takes some real divine shots on my Pentax K1000. 

I've still got some disposable cameras that I need to develop from Summer so I'll do that at the end of Feb. Really looking forward to seeing what I've forgotten about!