Happy Valentines Gay!

Last Saturday was February 14th, which is known all over the world for being the day that you pretend to like the person that says they like you more than you actually do, you send anonymous cards to people and give people chocolates and roses or something along those lines. We all do that, right? Peh, what a load of rubbish.

I mostly try and steer clear of all Social Media around Valentine's Day because I find sickly sweet pink and rosy portrayals of the ideal love and the ideal relationship so saturated in simpering heteronormativity that it makes my skin crawl. I would worry if February 14th became a 


 day in my calendar, but that's neither here nor there.

Amy had Valentines weekend OFF WORK for the first time in months so it was the worlds biggest treat to just to spend time with her, being annoying and silly and generally amazing.

We went to the Guy Bourdin exhibition and she made me pancakes and we got wasted at Debbie and I wore my slutty red dress cause I'm fantastic, not because society convinced me to. I've loved the work of Guy Bourdin ever since I studied it at A Level - I'd always been interested in portrayals of the female form - how surprising that I ended up a raging homo, eh? 

One of my favourite couplets of all time. Perfect aesthetics.


We took selfies because it's one of those things that you ought to do when you feel severe as hell, especially if you're going to blog about it so that when you look back on it you can remember how you felt and feel it again. Plus, look at Ted. What a fucking poser.

How to take a selfie with your girlfriend: wait until she bends down to pick the cat up and be extra sassy.

Amy bought me two prints which we now have up in the flat, to add to the collection of female nudes we seem to be accumulating. We picked up a post card from the Wellcome Collection Institute of Sexology Exhibition recently as well as a post card and a print of 'Two Friends' by Egon Schiele, which we bought a few months back. Our place is turning into a queer, feminist paradise. 

Amy, Jacob and I at Debbie. It's a really good night, even if some of the DJs can be pretty rude. Maybe it serves me right for requesting songs. Ha!