Recently I've found myself at a crossroads between being really inspired to blog about stuff and having literally no time to do so. When I leave the house in the morning, it's dark. When I get home at night, it's dark. My work has NO good lighting which is a terrible burden when it comes to taking nice photos, and my limited weekend time is either spent with friends or my girlfriend. 

It seems that most of the bloggers I follow are either Freelancers (this probably means they sit in their underwear eating cereal most of the day), students (the same goes for them) or full-time Bloggers (the same probably goes for them too, actually) and so I'm constantly looking at their perfectly timed blog schedules like 'I'm so jealous of your natural lighting and your ability to seek out nice locations to take photos in and literally


did you do that? Do you have a personal photographer? Do you have a tripod and a lot of foolish trust in society to not steal your camera in the middle of the street? And also how do you have all the money to buy all these fancy products? How has this happened? What is going on?' etc, you know how it goes.

I suppose this is the main reason that I don't blog as much as I'd like to about fashion, since I'm either by myself or too busy in the daylight hours. I've had a post in my drafts for two solid weeks while I've been waiting for the time to take the photos I need. Maybe I'm just being too picky... Though I'm also of the firm belief that I'm not going to publish some half-arsed post if I know I could do it better if I just gave myself more time. I suppose I could fix all of these problems if I just had a lamp that simulated natural daylight... Note to self: look into this. 

Things I need to do to improve my blogging game:

- find my smaller camera lens

- play with settings so I don't hate all my photos anymore

- take camera out with me, so I can blog the things I'm doing because this was the point of my blog

- make the most of time off in the daytime

I'm sure a few of you could probably relate to this too. It's not easy for those of us that have super demanding jobs as well as a blog to maintain! I think this post is really just to benefit me and my own productivity, because I've sort of figured that if I write things down then it helps me plan and rationalise, and typing is just so much cleaner and blogging is just so much more organised that my notebooks.