To get some sort of regularity into my posts, I've decided to start a 'Friday Favourites' sort of thing, starting now. Aren't you lucky! Here's a look into a couple of highlights from my week which, to be honest, has mostly consisted of spending evenings in my living room plastered to Netflix because I'm trying to save money at the minute and that's limiting my social life somewhat.

Devonté Hynes and Neneh Cherry - He She Me

Though I'm kinda bored of campaigns containing binary terms for the sake of punchy headings, He She Me is a really great step in the right direction. Featuring Hari Nef & other beautiful LGBTQIA+ faces (Hey Imma!), it's simply enthralling. Check it out!

RuPaul's Drag Race Season 7. SPOILER ALERT 

So we're on week two of the new season of drag race, and I'm going to sum up the queens for you. 

From left to right: 

Violet Chachki - She has great potential, she's clearly really strong but she CANNOT take criticism. She said she hates Michelle Visage. That's just like, no. Y'know? 

Miss Fame- Great face, seems sweet but her dancing is NAH. Anyway, we'll see

Katya - Funny as fuq m8 

Ginger Minj - LOVE, she's sweet, petite and ready to eat (her words) She's genuinely hilarious AND polished so I'm excited to see how she turns out 

Tempest Dujour - SASHAYED AWAY Week 1

Jasmine Masters - Seems really sweet but not overly fussed about her drag 

Pearl - Very, very hot out of drag. Kinda funny and I'm a total sucker for that deep voice sarcastic, miserable thing. 

Jaidynn Diore Fierce - Hm, I dunno

Trixie Mattell - A lotta lotta makeup so naturally I LOVE it

Sasha Belle - SASHAYED AWAY Week 2

Mrs Kasha Davis - Totally pulled it off in the Glamazonian Airways, so stoked on that

Kandy Ho - She painted ON a beard and not intentionally. That kinda says it all.

Kennedy Davenport - Prettttyyyy but not especially funny. 

Max - Great aesthetic besides the fetishisation of disability on the runway 

Who are you rooting for? 

Women Of The World Festival and International Women's Day 

Last Saturday I had a day pass for the festival - one of the highlights was seeing The Drakes perform The Butch Monologues. Hilarious, moving, brutally honest, incredibly emotional and thought provoking, I'd highly


recommend it. While I was there I saw Lisa Blackman who was the Convener for the Embodiment and Experience course that I took at Goldsmiths. This course

totally changed my life

 in ways that I can't even begin to explain, but I awkwardly thanked her for the course and told her she was brilliant and then immediately regretted it because I can't talk to people. 

I also found out I'm

NOT 'gay enough for the Home Office'

in this quiz I took on the Mirror website. Aderonke Apata was refused asylum in the UK on the grounds that because she had children, she ABSOLUTELY COULDN'T be a lesbian, which was the primary reason behind her request to enter the UK. Cause, y'know, lesbians have to cross their hearts hope to die they won't have kids ever ever ever or something like that. Right? That makes perfect sense, doesn't it?! You too can take the test and find out whether you're gay enough for the home office. I'm a raging dyke and scored 5/8, which isn't enough. Let me know your score! 

To sum up, here's a picture of Amy being a perfect Angel and a picture of me with two recent purchases. 

I bought some fish-eye lenses for my phone and these excellent trousers from Missguided. They're the only ones I've found that accommodate my thick thighs, large bum and wide hips without making me look like a frump. They're currently in the sale and on the day I got them, they had an extra 40% off so these checked out at the grand total of £12. WERK. 

I'll see if I can keep this sort of thing up, it feels a lot more genuine and laced with a lot more integrity than the false bullshit posts I try and pressure myself into producing. I do what I want, yo.