Today is my last day of work for AN ENTIRE WEEK which is totally a big deal, I couldn't be happier to have some time off to get some R&R and actually see Amy, which'll be grand.

I've had quite a quiet week this week minus attempting to go to the clubnight Playhouse at the Waiting Room in Stokey but getting there too late, going back to my flat with my friends and literally SHOUTING all the words to all the Sleater Kinney songs and falling backwards off the sofa but continuing to sing anyway. I don't know why I didn't film this - I need to get better at filming.

This week I've been very inspired by three feminist fashion bloggers, so they're the first thing I'ma be mentioning in this week's list of excellent things.

Firstly we have

Bethany at Arched Eyebrow

. Bethany is incredible and I spend a great deal of my time fangirling over her. She's probably my number 1 style icon at the minute, and it's probably borderline creepy how inspiring I think she is.

Next up we have

Agnes at Agnes Krown

. Her looks can SLAY, and her eyebrows are everything.

Lastly, we've got

Amy at Wolf Whistle

. Amy is HILAIR, her look is on point and her blog is a really great read.

I'm desperately seeking new blogs to read whose authors identify as feminist, so if you have any recommendations please let me know!

Tomorrow night Amy & I are visiting our favourite club night ever - Sink The Pink. We've been incredibly inspired by

Viktor & Rolf 2008

(ty Bets!) and I'm doing a look inspired by this beautiful image, which is probably one of my favourite looks of all time. Hopefully I can pull it off, and if I do I'm sure you'll see photos all over Instagram and certainly in next week's blog post.

I'm vibing off

Ditch The Label

as well at the minute. If you aren't already familiar with their work, they're an award winning UK anti-bullying charity working extensively to teach society that it's okay to be different. They've got some incredible campaigns coming up, so keep your eyes peeled on them.

I decided to dabble in Orangey Red lipsticks because I'm basically too nervous to go the whole hog and go for straight up orange because I'm really unsure as to how it'll look with orange hair. I suppose the only way to find out is to just bloody well do it.

This one is by No.7 and it's called Brick Red.

My plans for the coming week are a lot more exciting than they've been this week;

Tonight I'm going to The Shift

Tomorrow it's Sink The Pink

Sunday I'm seeing 'Dressed As A Girl' at the BFI

Monday night I'm seeing Sleater Kinney

Tuesday night I'm going to be at G-A-Y

Wednesday - Thursday I'll try and chill

Friday - Saturday I'll be in Brighton doing EXCITING STUFF that I'm super excited to share with you but that'll have to wait

So, yeah, busy busy busy.

I guess that's it for now. Promise I'll try and film and blog more.