I planned to write about STP sooner but I've been super busy and tbh I'm only just ready to talk about how insane and incredible the past few days have been. I kind of just want to talk about it all on video because there's just been so much going on, but one of the most key of all of those events was Saturday night - Sink The Pink & Savage.

At the Bad Taste Ball, people go dressed in as poor taste as possible. For those of you that aren't familiar with the Bad Taste Ball,

take a look at the video from last year's.

My look was totally inspired by Marie Antoinette if she was a stripper and my slogan is totes ironic considering I'm a great big dyke. Amy's look was of course inspired by her dear old Navy Dad. Hah.

This is genuinely my favourite photo of Amy ever. Genderqueer realness.

I always have the best time ever at Sink The Pink. Behind all the ego's there's a huge amount of love there. After the party we go to Savage at Metropolis which is arguably even better. What's not to love about drag queens occupying strip clubs?!

Considering I went to bed at 8am on Sunday, I looked prettier on Sunday afternoon that I've ever looked in my life. Ridiculous.

There'll be some footage of the night in my Monthly blog which I have yet to edit but keep posted for that!