I'm no stranger to liquid eyeliner. Or gel eyeliner. Or pencil eyeliner. My entire teenage years and much of my childhood was spent wearing eyeliner. I grew from a stage school brat doing dance shows and competitions every other weekend to a teenage grunger who didn't kick the eyeliner habit till her early twenties, so when I say I've tried a lot of eyeliner, I mean it. 

I got one of those £5 No.7 vouchers that everyone gets in Boots and I'd been thinking about getting a new eyeliner since my Rimmel one had ran out. I figured this was the perfect opportunity. I picked up the Stay Precise felt tip eyeliner assuming that it was fairly good, and not really thinking much else about it. How wrong I was.

Firstly, it's hard to put on. Most felt tip eyeliners have quite a lot of product on them, so with one sweep you're left with a strong black line. This one went on white sheer, and required a lot of layers to build a strong colour. 

After a good five minutes trying to apply it, I was left sort of happy with the way it looked. 

In the time it took for me to get from my house to work, it looked like this. 


I applied it again when I got to work, trying to fix the mess it made cause having dodgy eyeliner is just plain embarrassing. In the end I gave up and ended up just rubbing it off/in creating a smudged smokey look that was actually quite nice. 

The moral of the story is - don't buy this eyeliner. Just don't. Trust me.

And now can someone recommend a good one for me? Pleeeez!