I've not been posting much lately and that's simply because I've not really felt like it. April was an intense month, for reasons that aren't really mine to discuss, but I'm already sure that May will pick up.

For May Day Weekend, Amy & I went to visit my Mum as it was her birthday. We hung out at my Nan & Pops' house with two horse-sized Great Danes (Jet &  Star), visited my Nephews (Harr & George) and their new bunny Thumper, and went on a Canal Boat Ride at Foxton Locks.

For my Mum's birthday gift, I asked my friend Cat to do a portrait of my pet cats Minou and Minette. Minette died earlier this year, aged 19, and Minou is slowly losing his senses. My parents are getting a new kitchen soon so they'll be able to display the print proudly!

Cat Marshall's work is amazing and really well priced - check out her stuff here


I'm going to try and ease back into blogging again soon and hopefully I'll be able to devote more time to doing the fun stuff I want to do - filming and working on a new blog with my friend Ella. Details of this will be announced in due course - we're hoping to have a few posts completed before launching the blog. Somehow time has been slipping through my fingers lately and even though May is set to be another busy month, I'm hoping I'll be able to channel my time well.

Amy & I are moving out of our flat in Stoke Newington into a house with some friends for the foreseeable future. The house is beautiful and has a garden so I'm over the moon. Plus Ted will have lots of nice windows to look out of.

I'll try and trickle through some of the photos of what I've been doing lately, cause I know you've all missed me so, so much.

Hope you're well.

XO Sarah.