Today I'm doing a Sponsored Silence.

The charity I am doing this for, Ditch The Label, is working towards a life that I, like so many others would have benefitted from during my teens. 

As those of you that know me personally know, I was bullied mercilessly throughout my early teens because of the way I looked. 

I suffered from severe Acne, and this suffering combined with bullying and pressures from society had devastating effects on my mental health. I felt totally powerless, ugly and unlovable, but didn't tell a soul because I didn't know who to tell. I didn't want to upset my parents, I didn't want to admit it to my friends or even admit it to myself for fear of looking or feeling weak.

For years I felt humiliated by my experience, but recently

I spoke out about my story in a feature on BBC Radio London, and I want to put my new-found confidence in my experience to good use. I've always wished I could talk to my 13 year old self and tell her that it doesn't need to be this way - and so I suppose I am reaching out to myself in my donating to Ditch The Label.

You can read all about the campaign itself here

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